Wellness Treatments

The word ?Benessere? – Wellbeing – is from Latin, meaning ?to be well physically and mentally?. Mind and body must be in perfect balance in order to feel good. If we stop a moment to think about?our lifestyle and the amount of stress that we accumulate every day, and how we stop listening to?our body, we realise just how we neglect our wellbeing. It is not only on a physical level, but also?on our interior, located in our emotions. Eastern philosophy seemed to have realised long before?us the inextricable link between body and spirit.

Discover All Our Treatments

Our Beauty Farm offers the opportunity to access a range of treatments for the care and wellbeing?of the face and body, including a range of treatments that allow you to achieve a state of psychophysical’relaxation by involving all the senses. In our Beauty Farm everyone can reap the benefits?from special treatment, which targets and their points of weakness. If you are seeking a break?away, instead of the usual holiday devote some time to the self and the senses and spend several’days in the spa instead of the usual holiday. You will return to the world happy, balanced and?rejuvenated.