Fresco Monte Amiata

Barbara Gori is the local artist who created the hotel’s exterior facade contemporary mural, a visual’expression of the history of the Monte Amiata. In the fresco dedicated to Amiata, we can find 6 elements: evocative symbols that are strongly?linked to the history of this territory. The Cross of Monte Amiata – a monumental cross made of wrought iron standing at 22 metres tall,?located on the summit of Mount Amiata. It was created thanks to an idea of Pope Leo XIII who in?1900 wanted to install on each of the twenty highest peaks in Italy a monumental cross as a?symbol of Christianity.

The Abbey of San Salvatore – of ancient origins, its history is closely linked to the town of Abbadia?San Salvatore. Founded at the beginning of the VIII century, the first document which shows its?existence is dated 762. The Abbey has been kept for nearly a thousand, crowned King of Italy 744-749, after the miraculous apparition of the Lord?in a tree.

The Chestnut – also known as the ?tree of bread? – is a symbol of sustenance and employment for?the population of our territories. For about a century from 1870 to 1970 the Amiata saw an intensive industrial mining of cinnabar?which was obtained for the production of mercury. Founded in 1897 in Livorno – Mercuriferous?Monte Amiata – the Anonymous Society of the Mercury Mines of Mount Amiata, in testimony to the?deep connection with the mining activities. During that period the mines of Mount Amiata came to?produce 50% of world?s mercury production.

Le Fiaccole di Natale, or, the Christmas Torches – in Abbadia San Salvatore, called the city of the?torches, an ancient traditional ritual that involves the whole community, handed down from?generation to generation, each year magically lighting up the town at Christmas.