It may seem a little strange, but the philosophy at the very core of our wellness program is the?need to create an illusion in the body. During specialised treatments in damp, humid environments,?the organisms of our body experiences the illusion of suffering a fever. What happens to your body?after a period of fever? An area of the brain called the hypothalamus brings the body temperature?to the optimum level and implements several mechanisms to generate heat, such as, for example,?muscle contraction, cell renewal, and a diuretic effect, in addition to a natural increase of the?metabolisation of excess fats. To benefit from this illusion of fever we simply have to adhere to the?duration of treatment activity and watch for rise and fall in body temperature in reaction to this??fever?.

Turkish bath

A true “steam bath”, the temperature is 40 ? / 46 ? C and an environment saturated by 100%?humidity. This allows a continuous transpiration; the cabin measures 2.20 x 2.20 cm and?accommodates six people comfortably. The environment is deliberately different from the usual’steam room: you will not find tiled mosaics but instead an environment of wood, and internal’shower heads cool the air just enough to better withstand the duration of treatment. The addition of?natural essences inhaled through the hot steam lends the experience of an aromatic bath with?beneficial effects. At the front of the bath you will find a colour therapy shower in orange that will’help during the reaction phase.

Salt Grotto

A diverse experience from the ordinary: while here on the mountain you will have a chance to?breathe “sea air”. This environment is saturated with iodine released from the salt slabs, while the?presence of a wood burning stove ensures a pleasant temperature that is not too hot. The?environment provides a sense of deep relaxation. We?re told (though there is no scientific data to?back this up!) that a stay in this environment for a duration of 20 minutes is equivalent to a holiday?in a seaside town for three days.


The high temperature (65 ? / 80 ? C) and low humidity 40% / 45%, is favourable to the opening of?the skin?s pores, allowing intense perspiration. The structure measures 2.50 x 2.50 cm and can?accommodate up to seven people. The large window provides a feeling of relaxation, the coating is?made of hemlock wood with a mild fragrance and a low resin content which guarantees an inability?to overheat, vital to your comfort while resting on the benches. Our sauna temperature can be?adjusted so that it becomes a BIOSAUNA, with a little more moisture and a selection of particular?aromas, which enables its use by those with heart problems.

Experience Shower

A course of four showers in aromatherapy and colour therapy: “Cold Fog?, fine, cool sprays of bluelit?water with an aroma of mint; “Tropical Shower?, being pleasantly warm, orange light with a fruit?aroma; “Temporal Hawaiian” warmer water, green-lit and perfumed with a relaxing aroma, followed?at last by the ?White Shower?, with relaxing hot water.


After the sauna, the Frigidarium is a must in order to create a ?violent? reaction within the body, in?order to fulfil the beneficial fever illusion. In the Frigidarium the shock of the cold water helps to?contract the skin, making it supple, improving circulation and relaxing muscle tone. Covered with?tiles that mimic ice, there is a suspended bucket that you can tip by pulling the chain, as well as a?shower.


A large Jacuzzi tub offers eight styles of massage on the body that improve circulation. By pressing?keys onside, you can adjust the jets pumps, lighting and aroma to your liking.

Relax Area

A relaxation area with chaise longue and tea bar where you can replenish fluids with special herbal’teas and fresh fruit.